NuDroid Mobile Wallet

Introducing the NuDroid Mobile Wallet


The world's first mobile digital currency wallet that can pay for
goods and services with a stable digital currency: NuBits!

Bitcoin is convenient. NuBits are stable. NuDroid is both!

NuDroid is the first mobile and stable cryptocurrency wallet which can be used to pay for goods and services at the point of sale. Pay with your stable NuBits anywhere Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin is accepted without being exposed to their volatility.

NuDroid is not an exchange and doesn’t require the merchant to access an exchange. NuDroid just uses the popular service to easily and transparently exchange your NuBits to any supported digital currency - including Bitcoin - in seconds.

NuDroid is open source, free of advertisements and no registration is required.

The Power of NuDroid

Choose this video if you have already used a cryptocurrency mobile wallet before for an introduction to the specific functionality of NuDroid and NuBits.

Getting Started with a Mobile Wallet

Choose this video if you are new to cryptocurrency mobile wallets. In this video we demonstrate how to get started on your Android phone and how to keep your funds safe. This video covers topics such as backing up a wallet, setting a spending pin number, donating funds via the integrated ShapeShift service, and restoring a backup.

Main Features

NuDroid is Convenient

Use your stable NuBits to pay directly to a merchant’s Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoins and other altcoins’ addresses. It is very easy to use. NuDroid clearly shows you and the receiver how much you are paying both in NuBits and any other digital or real-world currency. It allows merchants to trust that the value they are receiving is accurate. NuDroid can scan QR codes from all supported coins including Bitcoin. Paying with any digital currency has never been this convenient!

Screenshot_2015-05-05 Shapeshift NBT-BTC_0.png

NuDroid is Secure and Fast

Your wallet can be protected with a password and your cryptographic keys remain secure on your mobile device. You have full control to select your own set of peers to customize your security. We’ve ensured that there is a fast first-time wallet synchronization by creating a lightweight copy of the blockchain. Best of all, you only need to synchronize with the secure NuBits blockchain as opposed to multiple digital currency blockchains. This saves storage capacity on your device and increases the overall speed of NuDroid.

NuDroid is Safe

When you start using NuDroid, take care to backup the encrypted NuDroid wallet. You can automatically choose to send the backup to your email address or to store it on an USB stick. With your backup safely stored you can never lose your coins in case your device is wiped or stolen. If that happened, you would simply install the app again and restore the backup and your balance will show up again.

NuDroid is Free and Respects Your Privacy

We’ll keep it simple: NuDroid is free to use. You don’t need to register for a service to use NuDroid for payments. We don’t charge you anything on top of the usual Shapeshift exchange rates for paying at a Bitcoin merchant. Neither NuDroid nor Shapeshift collects your personal data. NuDroid is free of advertisements.

NuDroid is Versatile and Easy to Use

NuDroid can be run on all Android devices including tablets, supporting 4.x and higher. It can export your transactions to a comma delimited file for personal record-keeping. This record-keeping is made even easier because NuDroid keeps the coin addresses of all supported coins in its address book. It is easy to add a description to these addresses so you can remember what you paid for.

Screenshot_2015-05-25 csv output_0.png

NuDroid is Open Source

NuDroid has nothing to hide and we are happy to share. We hope you may even contribute to improve NuDroid even further. Find the source code here or join the NuDroid developer chat on Gitter . Don’t trust closed source wallets!

NuDroid Documentation & Specifications:

Still have questions? Visit our comprehensive FAQ page that includes answers to many common NuDroid questions.