NuShares enable shareholder control of the network.

One vote requires 10,000 NSR untouched for one week. Voting reward is 40 NSR/vote.


Shareholders can create new funds at any address that hasn’t previously received a grant. Grants pass after over 50% of YES votes and share days destroyed (SDD) in 10,000 blocks (7 days). Grants can pass in 3½ days with support from all voting shareholders.


Shareholders announce their intentions by passing motions. Motions have no direct impact on the network, meaning shareholders, custodians, or developers need to manually apply the contents. Motions require over 50% of blocks and share days destroyed by minting within 10,000 blocks to pass.

Transaction Fees

Median vote is the fee. 60 blocks in the past. NuBits Wallet defaults to the highest fee to be charged in the next 10 blocks. Default transaction fees equal to the current transaction fees are applied if there is no transaction fee vote for a particular currency in the majority of share days for the voting period of 2,000 blocks.

Park Rates

Shareholders can offer interest on NuBits taken out of circulation in order to stimulate demand. An Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is calculated from a 2,000-block window offset by 60 blocks in the past to enable prediction of rates 60 minutes ahead. Parking will lock the NuBits from spending for the duration chosen.

Rates can be increased approximately 3% per day (0.002% per block), and can be decreased approximately 6% per day (0.004% per block) if necessary to ensure the network can be responsive to changing market conditions.

Voting Feeds

Voting feeds enable shareholders to increase stability and security of the network without being deeply involved themselves. Shareholders can subscribe to the decisions of a trusted person or group that publishes decisions in a voting feed. Votes can only be cast by the individual shareholder with their NuShares in a running wallet.

An example would be when Alice subscribes to Bob’s data feed wherein Bob publishes his voting decisions, Alice’s future votes will match the votes configured in Bob’s data feed. She only has to keep the wallet running and unlocked for minting with a network connection.