Exchange Listing

List our stable cryptocurrencies and give your traders access to the benefits of NuBits.

Traders use NuBits for hedging, arbitrage, savings, and transfers between exchanges. USNBT was once #1 in trading volume at Bittrex with $86M/24h. Listing NuBits is an easy way to increase liquidity on your exchange and attract both manual traders and bots.

Trading Pairs

Liquidity Operations always seeks to provide liquidity on exchanges where NuBits are listed with a robust API. Depending on exchange reputation and scale, you can expect initial dual-side liquidity worth 0.5–2 BTC or 2,000–15,000 USD.

We recommend you list NuBits and NuShares exactly as shown:

Pairing Note NuShares (NSR) American NuBits (USNBT) Chinese NuBits (CNNBT)
Symbiotic See NuBit pairs → NSR/USNBT NSR/CNNBT
Ethereum Ask ETH/USNBT Ask
Litecoin Ask LTC/USNBT Ask

NuBits is by far most useful being the quote asset in a trading pair (base/quote, e.g. BTC/USNBT) for the same reason fiat currency tends to be. Everyone will appreciate reading “BTC/USNBT 7350” (which means 1 BTC is worth 7350 USNBT) instead of “USNBT/BTC 0.00013605” (meaning 1 USNBT is worth 0.00013605 BTC).

NuBits is designed as a decentralized store of value using multiple mechanism for stability and its backing, one of which involves a mutualistic liquidity flow with NuShares. Simplified, backing of NuBits today ultimately depends on the liquidity of NuShares, making it important that you list both NuBits and NuShares on your exchange.

You can share a single instance of NuBits wallet daemon for every asset you list.

Wallet Daemon

Download or compile NuBits Wallet from source.

Create nu.conf and use recommended exchange settings:


Ask us for assistance at [email protected].

Blockchain Data

Synchronize the blockchain significantly faster with these steps.

  1. Start NuBits Wallet once to create its data directory.
  2. Close NuBits Wallet.
  3. Download blk0001.dat and optionally blkindex.dat. (Total 3.5 GB)
  4. Replace with those the blockchain data files in NuBits Wallet data directory.
  5. Start NuBits Wallet.


Aspect Information
Name NuShares; American NuBits; Chinese NuBits
Compatibility Bitcoin UTXO, JSON-RPC API
Algorithm Proof-of-Stake
Status Fully functional.
Launch 2014
Location Worldwide with contractors in Sweden, UK, France, and Japan.
Transaction Fee NuShares: 1.00; NuBits: 0.01 (Fees variable by continuous shareholder vote)
Premine NuBits or NuShares are created by shareholders for custodians to effect passed motion(s), which may be to meet demand at an exchange or to pay for expenses.
Supply Shareholders vote for creation of new NuBits or NuShares. Total Supply and Circulating Supply provided via API and in dashboard.
Target Link
Source Code
Graphics (logos and icons in PNG, AI, EPS)


Asset Symbol Initial Port Note
NuShares NSR S 14001  
American NuBits USNBT B 14002  
Chinese NuBits CNNBT Y 14003  
European NuBits EUNBT E 14004  
World NuBits XNBT X 14005  
South Korean NuBits KRNBT W 14006  
Japanese NuBits JPNBT J 14007